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We were going to call this tent the “Crua Swiss Army Knife of Camping Tents,” but instead we settled on the Crua Core. So, what is it that makes the Crua Core so popular and so unique?

The ease of use, for one. The Core can be pitched in minutes thanks to its user-friendly air-frame design. When used as a standalone tent, it is spacious enough to house up to six persons in one extra-large sleeping compartment. Then there is the large porch where you can store your gear and provides welcome shade from the heat and shelter in more difficult conditions. Did you not see the weather before you left? With two side panels in the porch, it gives a great panoramic view from your pitch. The Core’s awesomeness doesn’t end there. We call this modular, 

As a key part of our modular tent series, it can be combined in multiple ways with the Crua Duo, Crua Culla Cocoon, Crua Duo Maxx, or Crua Culla Cocoon Maxx. How you use it, all depends on the number of friends and family members for which you need to cater.

Whatever the demands of your trip, the Crua Core equips you to go forth and conquer in comfort and style.

NOTE: The Crua Core includes a pump.